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Color Autographed Photo
Mary Weiss Autographed Tour Poster
The Shangri-Las 1965 backed by the Iguanas w/Iggy Pop
Autographed by Mary
8" x 10".......$12.00
11" x 13".......$15.00
11" x 13".......$20.00

CD "Dangerous Game"
Autographed by Mary
7" Single "Don't Come Back"
Autographed by Mary
Album "Dangerous Game"
Autographed by Mary

Original 1965 Limited Edition Shangri-Las Fan Club Buttons
(actual size 3" diameter)
Original 1965 Limited Edition Shangri-Las Fan Club Cards
Autographed by Mary
(actual size 3.25"w x 2.5"h)
Note: If purchased as a set (1) Fan Club Card and (1) Button = $25.00

Mary Weiss / Dangerous Game t-shirt
The Shangri-Las t-shirt
Only Medium or Large.......$25.00
Only Small or Medium.......$25.00